After almost 30 years of annual fund raising via mass mailings, raffles, and theatre parties, we are now establishing an endowment that will allow our foundation to continuously thrive. After this singular appeal, when we reach our goal of at least $250,000, we will no longer need to engage in annual fund raising. So, please consider the most generous amount that would reflect your future giving.

• Several of our past recipients are each committed to raising at least $5000 for the endowment, by asking 50 of their relatives and neighbors to give $100 or more. They enthusiastically want to insure the legacy of the foundation in their communities.

• A loyal supporter, who annually gives $1000 per year is now giving $10,000 for the endowment. Her generosity will insure that college students from low-income families receive financial assistance not for just 10 years, but “in perpetuity.”

Your one-time contribution to this endowment will benefit college students from housing projects in the Bronx, indefinitely. Please send your tax-deductible donation on line by clicking the button below.

If you prefer to send your tax-deductible donation by mail, please make your check payable to JJMSF and mail it to:

The Juanita James Memorial Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 158
New York, NY 10028-0002

Likewise, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or our Contact page.

Thank you for your interest in giving to the Juanita James Memorial Scholarship Foundation.