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Jairo Sosa, '13
Butler Houses

Jairo Sosa
Jairo Sosa was born to a Dominican mother and father and has a total of five siblings. He is an artist whose artistic influences include Bruce W Timm, Brian Bolland, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Alex Ross, Fab 5 Freddy, and Mr. Kanye West. Jairo's capabilities as an artist are Abstract Art, Disruption of Space, Color Sensitivity, Mark Marking, and Ink/Fine detail Drawings. His career objectives are to graduate from The Cooper Union School of Art, Participate in the Whitney Museum Biennial, draw an album cover for Kanye West, to be featured in Time Magazine's Most Influential and to win an Oscar for best art direction in a film.

Jairo's accomplishments as an artist include gaining acceptance to the Rhode Island School of Design Summer Pre-College Program, Gold medalist in the 2008 New York City ACT-SO competition in Drawing, Silver medalist in the 2010 New York City ACT-SO competition in Drawing, Bronze medalist in the 2010 New York City ACT-SO competition in Painting, gaining acceptance to the Whitney Museum of American Art Youth Insights Internship AIR and Summer Intensive program and contributing album artwork for Larger Than Life productions artist JFK.

Jairo graduated from the Bronx Preparatory Charter School.

Jairo's favorite quotes are "No artist is born brilliant", "Time ripens all things" and "Success is never blamed".

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