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Sandra James LaForey

"My mother is still proudly taking care of children from the Bronx."

When Juanita James lived in a foster home in Corona, her neighbor was a seamstress. Juanita learned her sewing skills from this neighbor, she babysat for this neighbor's children, and she named her firstborn after the neighbor's daughter, Sandra.

Sandra James LaForey (Sandy) began her stellar secretarial and administrative career while she was a student at Central Commercial HS (now known as Norman Thomas HS) in Manhattan. Her first employer, Langston Hughes, hired her to type his manuscripts. Since then Sandy has been the personal secretary to a variety of prominent physicians and attorneys. Beyond her office duties, Sandy has been a valuable resource to many people including several JJMSF scholars, who have secured jobs, health care, and legal assistance as a result of Sandy's networking and referrals.

Sandy has three children; Dana, Patricia-Maria, and Darinn. Her daughter Dana has two children: Donna, and Devyn.